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Latest Gallery Updates 23/05/2017
Big Time American Wrestling
Blyth Sports Centre
Friday 26th May 2017 19:00 – 22:00 BST
Heritge Boats, a Tall Ship, River Races
3 June - 4 June 2017
Blyth Harbour
Northumberland Live 2017
Blyth Beach - 24th June 2017
Headline Act:- The Undertones
Tour of Britain
Blyth Town Centre
Monday 04th September

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I am a 68 year old happily retired ex Power Station Supervisor. I have run this website since 2003 to date.
I am very interested in the development of the Blyth area over the years. I am out and about taking pictures and gathering images almost daily. I would appreciate any information or donation pictures of the Blyth area. I wish to thank the following people for allowing their images to be shown here. Ron Dobson, Dave Durward, Steve Wilson, Henry Pattinson, Davy Bolam, Dave Coussons and many others.
All images are the copyright of their respective owners.

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Please feel free to offer your opinion on anything contained on this website. Your feedback is very much appreciated, if you have any images that can be shown here please send them to me.

I am in the process of upgrading the website, please be patient as I carry out the work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!, enjoy looking through the images and if you have any information please pass it on. Thank you for your patience and I hope everything is running smoothly. If you encounter any issues that spoil your viewing please let me know. Regards Bob Simmons (Administrator)

About Blyth Portfolio

Information about all the albums available on www.aboutblyth.co.uk

Beach, Park, Bandstand

3 Albums of Blyth Beach and surrounding area.
2 Albums showing Blyth Battery and 1 Album depicting Ridley Park.

Blyth Events 06/04/2017
Latest Update 06/04/2017
[Album 9] 18 images of Jamie’s Last Ride-out.

9 Albums showing the various public events that have taken place in the Blyth area over the years.

Pictures of Blyth

These albums cover:- Blyth in the Past, Modern & Present. Including Coal Mining, Railways, Bus Station & Market views.

Buildings of Blyth 25/04/2017
Latest Update 25/04/2017
Shops of Blyth 2
1 New image of Blush, a new nail bar.

Albums include:- Churches, Pubs Past & Present, Shops, Eating Places among many iconic buildings of the Blyth Area.

Changing Blyth 09/04/2017
Latest Update 09/04/2017
[Album 9] 5 images of Ridley Park new toilet block construction.

Images depicting the many changes to the Blyth scenery over many years. Demolitions and New Builds among many others.

Past & Present 14/05/2017
Latest Update 14/05/2017 [Album – A Shopping History 5] 5 images of Deep”s & Galaxy Nails

5 Albums of Blyth’s Shopping history and 16 Albums of Past and Present images.

Ship Building

Pictures of many of the ships built at Blyth over the years

Ship Breaking

Albums showing many images of the ship breaking industry in Blyth.

Harbour & River Views

Pictures of the harbour, river and surrounding area.

Harbour and River Vessels

12 Albums of:- Dredgers, Lifeboats, Submarines, Tugs, Ferries, River Launches and Fishing Vessels.

Visiting Ships 23/05/2017
Latest Update 23/05/2017
Visiting Ships 2017 – 2 new images:

27 Albums of shipping that has visited Blyth harbour over the years.