Work Area
Date Died
Jordan Henry (Harry) aged 78
'A' Station APA
Sunday 25th March 2018
Mr Alan Watson
Friday 08th December 2017
Work Area
Date Died
Mr Thomas James Dodds
Friday 29th December 2017
Mr David Anthony Todd
Station Draughtsman
Friday 08th December 2017
Mr William Taylor
Wednesday 18th October 2017
Mr William Bainbridge (aged 71)
Mechanical Maintenance Dept
Friday 06th October 2017
Mr Robert Raymand Chrisp
Wedfnesday 06th October 2017
Mr Christopher Hogg (aged 62)
Electrical Maintenance Dept
Saturday 16th September 2017
Mr Raymond Parkin
Head of Station Services
Saturday 19th August 2017
Mr Charles George Austin
Friday 30th June 2017
Mr Peter Rushworth (aged 86)
Head of Stores
Thursday 15th June 2017
Mr George Riley
Sunday 04th June 2017
Mr Robert Wilson
Thursday 01st June 2017
Mr Alan Philpott
Wednesday 10th May 2017
Mr John Holding
Sunday 09th April 2017
Mr Ernest Long
Thursday 23rd March 2017
Mr James Robert Robertson
Thursday 09th February 2017
Mr Kenneth Mullen
Sunday 22nd January 2017
Mr James Edward Foster
Monday 16th January 2017
Work Area
Date Died
Mr William Dickinson
Wednesday 21st December 2016
Mr Alan Bell
Wednesday 14th December 2016
Mr Terence Telford (aged 82)
Production Services Foreman
Wednesday 07th December 2016
Mr John Kenneth Shaw
Thursday 15th September 2016
Mr William Routledge
Wednesday 09th March 2016
Mr Trevor White
Thursday 24th March 2016
Mr Peter Allen
Sunday 17th July 2016
Mr Jonathon Stevens
Tuesday12th April 2016
Mr John Robert Tinsley (aged 75)
Monday15th August 2016
Mr John Jenkins
Friday 06th May 2016
Mr Donald Mathieson
Friday 05th February 2016
Mr Derek Stanley Cowen
B Station Operations
Sunday 14th February 2016
Mr Bob Monaghan (aged 80)
Sunday 27th March 2016
Mr Arthur Hancok
Tuesday 22nd March 2016
Mr Anthony Gibson (aged 79)
Sunday 17th January 2016
Work Area
Date Died
Mr Colin Riley
Friday 18th December 2015
Mr William Henry Sefton
Tuesday 10th November 2015
Mr Allan George Shaw
Friday 11th September 2015
Mr Les Harwood
Coal Plant
Friday 04th September 2015
Mr Fredrick George Coulter
Monday 24th August 2015
Mr David Job (aged 63)
Sunday 09th August 2015
Mr George Hudspeth
Coal Plant
Sunday 06th August 2015
Mr Tommy Henderson (aged 84)
Planning Engineer
Monday 15th June 2015
Mr John Lytollis (aged 63)
B Stn IRD Mechanic
Wednesday 29th April 2015
Mr Michael Arthur Pollard
Thursday 19th March 2015
Mr John Wilson
Saturday 14th March 2015
Mr Terence Alexander Cave
Coal Plant
Friday 06th March 2015
Mr Ray Thompson
Saturday 28th February 2015
Mr John Burt Nicholson
Tuesday 13th January 2015
Mr James Brian Bell
Saturday 03rd January 2015
Work Area
Date Died
Mr James Jeffrey
Monday 29th December 2014
Mr Emrys Winnett
B Station Operations
Wednesday 17th December 2014
Mr Donald McGee
Tuesday 09th December 2014
Mr Edward Storey
Saturday 29th November 2014
Mr Leslie Wiles
Saturday 29th November 2014
Mr Richard Knox
Sunday 09th November 2014
Mr Ronald James Scovell
Coal Plant Foreman
Thursday 03rd July 2014
Mr Eric Stanley Little
Sunday 15th June 2014
Mr Derek Nesbitt
B Station Ops/Security
Saturday 19th April 2014
Mr Graham Hyde
B Station Ops
Wednesday 19th March 2014
Mr Robert Shaw
Tuesday 11th March 2014
Mr Robert Henry Wood
Saturday 22nd February 2014
Mr John Cooper (Jack) (aged 74)
B Station Charge Engineer
Tuesday 30th January 2014
Mr Ronald Errington
Friday 24th January 2014
Work Area
Date Died
Mr Michael David Doncaster (Aged 78)
Tuesday 17th December 2013
Mr George Reay
Saturday 19th October 2013
Mr John Harvey Bassett
Thursday 03rd October 2013
Mr Fred Wareing
Coal sampler
Wednesday 02nd October 2013
Mr Terry Barnes
A Station
Sunday 29th September 2013
Mr Dudley Morgan Protheroe (Aged 77)
B Station Charge/Engineer
Thursday 27th June 2013
Mr Edward James Wormald
Station Manager
Wednesday 26th June 2013
Mr Brian Charles Benson
Sunday 23rd June 2013
Mr George Webster
National Grid
Friday 24th May 2013
Mr Robert William Job Martin
Coal Plant
Friday 19th April 2013
Mr James Beattie
Monday 11th March 2013
Mr William Edward Golightly
Friday 01st March 2013
Mr Stephen Watson
Wednesday 06th February 2013
Mr John Bell (Aged 82)
Station Joiner
Tuesday 05th February 2013
Mr Jimmy Shepherd (Aged 74)
A Station Ops
Saturday 02nd February 2013
Mr Philip Gibson Turnbull
Ops Foreman A & B Station
Wednesday 09th January 2013
Work Area
Date Died
Mr John Thomas Hedley
Sunday 26th August 2012
Mr Gordon Waldock
B Station Operations
Saturday 21st July 2012
Mr William Stafford Watson
Ops Engineer
Wednesday 18th July 2012
Mr Mathew Taylor
Saturday 05th May 2012
Mr Robert Turnbull
Monday 23rd April 2012
Mr James Reed
MMD Foreman
Tuesday 03rd April 2012
Work Area
Date Died
Mr James William White
Saturday 31st December 2011
Mr Robert Thompson
Tuesday 13th December 2011
Mr Brian Chapman
Ash & Dust APA
Sunday 14th August 2011
Mr Jack Freel (Aged 85)
EMD Foreman
Sunday 31st July 2011
Mr Lisle Foster
Friday 22nd July 2011
Mr William Chambers
Monday 05th June 2011
Mr John Box
Friday 27th May 2011
Mr John Younger
Tuesday 17th May 2011
Mrs Alice Browne
Friday 13th May 2011
Mr William Henry Butcher
Monday 25th April 2011
Mr Norman Lee
Tuesday 19th April 2011
Mr John Edward Richardson
Friday 08th April 2011
Mr David John Fisher
Tuesday 29th March 2011
Mr Francis Winston Cruickshank
Saturday 19th February 2011
Mrs Rosina Nelson
Monday 24th January 2011
Mr Norman Marriott
A Station Operations
Saturday 15th January 2011
Work Area
Date Died
Mr John Potter (Aged 83)
Planning Engineer
Sunday 26th December 2010
Anne Louise Jenkins (Aged 73)
Station Manager's Secretary
Wednesday 22nd December 2010
Mr Leslie Sydney Davison
Monday 13th December 2010
Mr John Ferry (Aged 58)
Sunday 28th November 2010
Mr Thomas [Tommy] Scougal
A Station Operations
Saturday 27th November 2010
Mr John George Barren
MMD Foreman
Tuesday 12th October 2010
Mr Cyril Hampson
Sunday 03rd October 2010
Mr Watson Sleeman
Thursday 09th September 2010
Mr Alexander Duncan
A Station Operations
Sunday 29th August 2010
Mr William Nelson (Bill) (Aged 69)
A Station Operations
Thursday 12th August 2010
Mr Richard Henderson (Aged 88
Friday 06th August 2010
Mr Roland Lewis Woods
Wednesday 04th August 2010
Mr Russell Lee (Aged 64)
Planning Engineer
Tuesday 03rd August 2010
Mr Joseph Brown (Joe) Crozier
Coal Plant
Friday 23rd July 2010
Mr Harry Bell
Tuesday 06th July 2010
Mr Joe Whitworth
Friday 25th June 2010
Mr Bob Marr
IRD A Station
Monday 21st June 2010
Mr Alan Henderson
Production Services
Monday 31st May 2010
Mr Arthur Butcher
Thursday 13th May 2010
Mr Leslie Joe Streets
Sunday 02nd May 2010
Mr Ronald Owens
Saturday 10th April 2010
Mr Anthony Alexandra McLennan
Wednesday 24th March 2010
Mr Robert Lillico
Tuesday 23rd February 2010
Mr Gordon Leonard
B Station Operations
Saturday 09th January 2010
Work Area
Date Died
Mr Phillip Dennis
Thursday 10th December 2009
Mr Isaac Cameron
Monday 30th November 2009
Mr William Mander
A Station Operations
Saturday 31st October 2009
Mr John Hannah
Thursday 22nd October 2009
Mr Sydney Whittle
Saturday 12th September 2009
Mr Peter Young
Thursday 10th September 2009
Mr Paul Mason
Ops Engineer A & B Station
Thursday 16th August 2009
George Nelson
Thursday 18th June 2009
Mr Kevin Brown
Engineer A Station/Planning
Monday 18th May 2009
Mr James Young
Thursday 02nd April 2009
Mr Ernest Preece
Monday 23rd March 2009
Mr Edward Stanton Greener
Thursday 29th January 2009
Work Area
Date Died
Mr Joseph Wall
Tuesday 09th December 2008
Mr Ronald Dickinson
Wednesday 03rd December 2008
Mr George Dalley
A Station Operations
Saturday 22nd November 2008
Mr Tom Oliver Archer
Wednesday 27th August 2008
Mr Stanley Newell
Tuesday 05th August 2008
Mr John Edwin Herdman
Monday 04th August 2008
Mr Charles Bennett
Wednesday 21st May 2008
Mr William Stanley Truefitt
Thursday 28th February 2008
Mr Ralph Leslie Kirby
Sunday 10th February 2008
Mr George Edward Knight
Friday 25th January 2008
Mr Peter Edison Morris
Wednesday 09th January 2008
Work Area
Date Died
Mr Thomas Palmer Green
Monday 24th December 2007
Mr Robert Howarth Edmunson
Tuesday 18th December 2007
Mr Gordon Mitchelson
A Station Operations
Wednesday 07th November 2007
Mrs Anne Marie Lancaster
Stores/Business and Finance
Friday 19th October 2007
Mr R L Harrison
Friday 28th September 2007
Mr George Woodrow
B Station Operations
Friday 07th September 2007
Mr J Whitehill
Thursday 30th August 2007
Mr J S Hedley
Sunday 29th July 2007
Mr R Miller
Saturday 30th June 2007
Mr David Jackson
Tuesday 17th April 2007
Mr James Mackey
Tuesday 10th April 2007
Mr Bob Wann
Planning Engineer
Wednesday 31st January 2007
Work Area
Date Died
Mr Alan Ritchie
Coal Plant
Thursday 26th October 2006
Mr W R Brigitte
Friday 06th October 2006
Mr A Steven
Friday 06th October 2006
Mr James King
Production Services
Thursday 25th May 2006
Work Area
Date Died
Mr John Taylor
Saturday 29th October 2005
Mr Ernest Mole
Tuesday 11th October 2005
Mr George Bell
B Station Operations
Monday 03rd October 2005
Mr Peter Hartley
A Station Operations
Tuesday 27th September 2005
Mr Thomas Taylor
Friday 16th September 2005
Mr Ronnie Wylam
A Station Operations
Tuesday 06th September 2005
Mr Thomas Hudspith
Thursday 28th July 2005
Mr George Carruthers
Saturday 16th July 2005
Mr Robert Bell
Friday 13th May 2005
Mr John Gregory
Wednesday 13th April 2005
Mr John Allen Mills
Monday 28th February 2005
Mr Dennis Hales
A Station Operations
January 2005
Mr George Kidd
January 2005
Work Area
Date Died
Mr Robert Stevenson
A Station Operations
December 2004
Mr Les Thompson
Coal Plant
November 2004
Mr Ted Dixon
Coal Plant
November 2004
Mr Howard Milburn
September 2004
Mr Bob Harrison
July 2004
Mr Peter Allott
Planning Engineer
May 2004
Mr Bryan Holmes
Coal Plant Fitter
April 2004
Mr Philip Ruddy
April 2004
Mr Brian Cave
Coal Plant
February 2004
Mr Thomas Jefferson
February 2004
Mr Richard Blacklock
January 2004
Mr Peter Long
A Station Operations
January 2004
Mr William Bartlam
Coal Plant
January 2004
Work Area
Date Died
Mr Charles Opfield
November 2003
Mr Thomas White Gibson
November 2003
Mr Henry Tyler
A Station Operations Foreman
September 2003
Mr John Ord
September 2003
Mr William Collins
A Station Operations
August 2003
Mr William Robertson
A Station Operations
August 2003
Mr Gordon Bisset
August 2003
Mr Donald Simpson
August 2003
Mr Ray Hankin
B Station Operations
June 2003
Mr Vince Johnson
Coal Plant
May 2003
Mr John McEnaney
April 2003
Mr Peter Hindmarch
Training Foreman
April 2003
Mr Freddie Chandler
April 2003
Mr Paul Keay
B Station Operations
February 2003
Mr William Pearson
February 2003
Mr Peter Fitzgerald
EMD Engineer
January 2003
Mrs Margaret Park
January 2003
Mr Ernest Clark
January 2003