Obituaries of Blyth

A list of all those old colleagues who have passed away since 2003.

NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr William Bainbridge (aged 71)Mechanical Maintenance DeptFriday 06th October 2017
Mr Christopher Hogg (aged 62)Electrical Maintenance DeptSaturday 16th September 2017
Mr Charles George AustinFriday 30th June 2017
Mr Peter Rushworth (aged 86)Head of StoresThursday 15th June 2017
Mr George RileySunday 04th June 2017
Mr Robert WilsonThursday 01st June 2017
Mr Alan PhilpottERDWednesday 10th May 2017
Mr John HoldingSunday 09th April 2017
Mr Ernest LongThursday 23rd March 2017
Mr James Robert RobertsonThursday 09th February 2017
Mr Kenneth MullenERDSunday 22nd January 2017
Mr James Edward FosterMonday 16th January 2017
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr William DickinsonWednesday 21st December 2016
Mr Alan BellWednesday 14th December 2016
Mr Terence Telford (aged 82)Production Services ForemanWednesday 07th December 2016
Mr John Kenneth ShawThursday 15th September 2016
Mr William RoutledgeWednesday 09th March 2016
Mr Trevor WhiteEMDThursday 24th March 2016
Mr Peter AllenSunday 17th July 2016
Mr Jonathon StevensTuesday12th April 2016
Mr John Robert Tinsley (aged 75)MMDMonday15th August 2016
Mr John JenkinsFriday 06th May 2016
Mr Donald MathiesonFriday 05th February 2016
Mr Derek Stanley CowenB Station OperationsSunday 14th February 2016
Mr Bob Monaghan (aged 80)MMDSunday 27th March 2016
Mr Arthur HancokTuesday 22nd March 2016
Mr Anthony Gibson (aged 79)MMDSunday 17th January 2016
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr Colin RileyFriday 18th December 2015
Mr William Henry SeftonTuesday 10th November 2015
Mr Allan George ShawFriday 11th September 2015
Mr Les HarwoodCoal PlantFriday 04th September 2015
Mr Fredrick George CoulterMonday 24th August 2015
Mr David Job (aged 63)MMDSunday 09th August 2015
Mr George HudspethCoal PlantSunday 06th August 2015
Mr Tommy Henderson (aged 84)Planning EngineerMonday 15th June 2015
Mr John Lytollis (aged 63)B Stn IRD MechanicWednesday 29th April 2015
Mr Michael Arthur PollardThursday 19th March 2015
Mr John WilsonSaturday 14th March 2015
Mr Terence Alexander CaveCoal PlantFriday 06th March 2015
Mr Ray ThompsonMMDSaturday 28th February 2015
Mr John Burt NicholsonTuesday 13th January 2015
Mr James Brian BellSaturday 03rd January 2015
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr James JeffreyMonday 29th December 2014
Mr Emrys WinnettB Station OperationsWednesday 17th December 2014
Mr Donald McGeeTuesday 09th December 2014
Mr Edward StoreySaturday 29th November 2014
Mr Leslie WilesSaturday 29th November 2014
Mr Richard KnoxSunday 09th November 2014
Mr Ronald James ScovellCoal Plant ForemanThursday 03rd July 2014
Mr Eric Stanley LittleSunday 15th June 2014
Mr Derek NesbittB Station Ops/SecuritySaturday 19th April 2014
Mr Graham HydeB Station OpsWednesday 19th March 2014
Mr Robert ShawTuesday 11th March 2014
Mr Robert Henry WoodSaturday 22nd February 2014
Mr John Cooper (Jack) (aged 74)B Station Charge EngineerTuesday 30th January 2014
Mr Ronald ErringtonStoresFriday 24th January 2014
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr Michael David Doncaster (Aged 78)MMDTuesday 17th December 2013
Mr George ReaySaturday 19th October 2013
Mr John Harvey BassettThursday 03rd October 2013
Mr Fred WareingCoal samplerWednesday 02nd October 2013
Mr Terry BarnesA StationSunday 29th September 2013
Mr Dudley Morgan Protheroe (Aged 77)B Station Charge/EngineerThursday 27th June 2013
Mr Edward James WormaldStation ManagerWednesday 26th June 2013
Mr Brian Charles BensonChemistSunday 23rd June 2013
Mr George WebsterNational GridFriday 24th May 2013
Mr Robert William Job MartinCoal PlantFriday 19th April 2013
Mr James BeattieMonday 11th March 2013
Mr William Edward GolightlyFriday 01st March 2013
Mr Stephen WatsonWednesday 06th February 2013
Mr John Bell (Aged 82)Station JoinerTuesday 05th February 2013
Mr Jimmy Shepherd (Aged 74)A Station OpsSaturday 02nd February 2013
Mr Philip Gibson TurnbullOps Foreman A & B StationWednesday 09th January 2013
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr John Thomas HedleySunday 26th August 2012
Mr Gordon WaldockB Station OperationsSaturday 21st July 2012
Mr William Stafford WatsonOps EngineerWednesday 18th July 2012
Mr Mathew TaylorSaturday 05th May 2012
Mr Robert TurnbullMonday 23rd April 2012
Mr James ReedMMD ForemanTuesday 03rd April 2012
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr James William WhiteSaturday 31st December 2011
Mr Robert ThompsonMMDTuesday 13th December 2011
Mr Brian ChapmanAsh & Dust APASunday 14th August 2011
Mr Jack Freel (Aged 85)EMD ForemanSunday 31st July 2011
Mr Lisle FosterFriday 22nd July 2011
Mr William ChambersMonday 05th June 2011
Mr John BoxMMDFriday 27th May 2011
Mr John YoungerPersonnelTuesday 17th May 2011
Mrs Alice BrowneFriday 13th May 2011
Mr William Henry ButcherMonday 25th April 2011
Mr Norman LeeTuesday 19th April 2011
Mr John Edward RichardsonFriday 08th April 2011
Mr David John FisherMMDTuesday 29th March 2011
Mr Francis Winston CruickshankSaturday 19th February 2011
Mrs Rosina NelsonMonday 24th January 2011
Mr Norman MarriottA Station OperationsSaturday 15th January 2011
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr John Potter (Aged 83)Planning EngineerSunday 26th December 2010
Anne Louise Jenkins (Aged 73)Station Manager’s SecretaryWednesday 22nd December 2010
Mr Leslie Sydney DavisonMonday 13th December 2010
Mr John Ferry (Aged 58)Stores/AdminSunday 28th November 2010
Mr Thomas [Tommy] ScougalA Station OperationsSaturday 27th November 2010
Mr John George BarrenMMD ForemanTuesday 12th October 2010
Mr Cyril HampsonSunday 03rd October 2010
Mr Watson SleemanThursday 09th September 2010
Mr Alexander DuncanA Station OperationsSunday 29th August 2010
Mr William Nelson (Bill) (Aged 69)A Station OperationsThursday 12th August 2010
Mr Richard Henderson (Aged 88StoresFriday 06th August 2010
Mr Roland Lewis WoodsWednesday 04th August 2010
Mr Russell Lee (Aged 64)Planning EngineerTuesday 03rd August 2010
Mr Joseph Brown (Joe) CrozierCoal PlantFriday 23rd July 2010
Mr Harry BellTuesday 06th July 2010
Mr Joe WhitworthFriday 25th June 2010
Mr Bob MarrIRD A StationMonday 21st June 2010
Mr Alan HendersonProduction ServicesMonday 31st May 2010
Mr Arthur ButcherThursday 13th May 2010
Mr Leslie Joe StreetsSunday 02nd May 2010
Mr Ronald OwensSaturday 10th April 2010
Mr Anthony Alexandra McLennanEMDWednesday 24th March 2010
Mr Robert LillicoMMDTuesday 23rd February 2010
Mr Gordon LeonardB Station OperationsSaturday 09th January 2010
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr Phillip DennisThursday 10th December 2009
Mr Isaac CameronMonday 30th November 2009
Mr William ManderA Station OperationsSaturday 31st October 2009
Mr John HannahMMDThursday 22nd October 2009
Mr Sydney WhittleSaturday 12th September 2009
Mr Peter YoungThursday 10th September 2009
Mr Paul MasonOps Engineer A & B StationThursday 16th August 2009
George NelsonThursday 18th June 2009
Mr Kevin BrownEngineer A Station/PlanningMonday 18th May 2009
Mr James YoungThursday 02nd April 2009
Mr Ernest PreeceMonday 23rd March 2009
Mr Edward Stanton GreenerEMDThursday 29th January 2009
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr Joseph WallTuesday 09th December 2008
Mr Ronald DickinsonWednesday 03rd December 2008
Mr George DalleyA Station OperationsSaturday 22nd November 2008
Mr Tom Oliver ArcherWednesday 27th August 2008
Mr Stanley NewellTuesday 05th August 2008
Mr John Edwin HerdmanMonday 04th August 2008
Mr Charles BennettSecurityWednesday 21st May 2008
Mr William Stanley TruefittThursday 28th February 2008
Mr Ralph Leslie KirbySunday 10th February 2008
Mr George Edward KnightFriday 25th January 2008
Mr Peter Edison MorrisPlanningWednesday 09th January 2008
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr Thomas Palmer GreenMonday 24th December 2007
Mr Robert Howarth EdmunsonTuesday 18th December 2007
Mr Gordon MitchelsonA Station OperationsWednesday 07th November 2007
Mrs Anne Marie LancasterStores/Business and FinanceFriday 19th October 2007
Mr R L HarrisonFriday 28th September 2007
Mr George WoodrowB Station OperationsFriday 07th September 2007
Mr J WhitehillThursday 30th August 2007
Mr J S HedleySunday 29th July 2007
Mr R MillerSaturday 30th June 2007
Mr David JacksonTuesday 17th April 2007
Mr James MackeyTuesday 10th April 2007
Mr Bob WannPlanning EngineerWednesday 31st January 2007
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr Alan RitchieCoal PlantThursday 26th October 2006
Mr W R BrigitteFriday 06th October 2006
Mr A StevenFriday 06th October 2006
Mr James KingProduction ServicesThursday 25th May 2006
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr John TaylorMMDSaturday 29th October 2005
Mr Ernest MoleTuesday 11th October 2005
Mr George BellB Station OperationsMonday 03rd October 2005
Mr Peter HartleyA Station OperationsTuesday 27th September 2005
Mr Thomas TaylorEMDFriday 16th September 2005
Mr Ronnie WylamA Station OperationsTuesday 06th September 2005
Mr Thomas HudspithThursday 28th July 2005
Mr George CarruthersSaturday 16th July 2005
Mr Robert BellFriday 13th May 2005
Mr John GregoryWednesday 13th April 2005
Mr John Allen MillsMMDMonday 28th February 2005
Mr Dennis HalesA Station OperationsJanuary 2005
Mr George KiddJanuary 2005
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr Robert StevensonA Station OperationsDecember 2004
Mr Les ThompsonCoal PlantNovember 2004
Mr Ted DixonCoal PlantNovember 2004
Mr Howard MilburnMMDSeptember 2004
Mr Bob HarrisonMMDJuly 2004
Mr Peter AllottPlanning EngineerMay 2004
Mr Bryan HolmesCoal Plant FitterApril 2004
Mr Philip RuddyApril 2004
Mr Brian CaveCoal PlantFebruary 2004
Mr Thomas JeffersonFebruary 2004
Mr Richard BlacklockJanuary 2004
Mr Peter LongA Station OperationsJanuary 2004
Mr William BartlamCoal PlantJanuary 2004
NameWork AreaDate Died
Mr Charles OpfieldNovember 2003
Mr Thomas White GibsonNovember 2003
Mr Henry TylerA Station Operations ForemanSeptember 2003
Mr John OrdSeptember 2003
Mr William CollinsA Station OperationsAugust 2003
Mr William RobertsonA Station OperationsAugust 2003
Mr Gordon BissetAugust 2003
Mr Donald SimpsonAugust 2003
Mr Ray HankinB Station OperationsJune 2003
Mr Vince JohnsonCoal PlantMay 2003
Mr John McEnaneyApril 2003
Mr Peter HindmarchTraining ForemanApril 2003
Mr Freddie ChandlerMMDApril 2003
Mr Paul KeayB Station OperationsFebruary 2003
Mr William PearsonMMDFebruary 2003
Mr Peter FitzgeraldEMD EngineerJanuary 2003
Mrs Margaret ParkJanuary 2003
Mr Ernest ClarkMMDJanuary 2003